Day 5

  • Arrival onsite. Become acclimated and prepare for the day.
  • Update your 1st and 2nd line supervisors in the Army Career Tracker (ACT).
  • View videos about the Army Civilian Professional component of the Army Profession by the Army Staff Management College (ASMC).
  • Complete Foreign Disclosure Training

    • Type “Foreign Disclosure” in the Search Bar at the top of the page
    • Select “Foreign Disclosure Training – Level 1: All TRADOC Personnel”
  • GFE Issued (sign for equipment) and Initial Setup
  • Register for ATCTS Account
  • Register with ATHOC Notification System
  • Update work contact info in GAL.

    • Go to ID Card Office Online
    • Click on “My Profile”
    • Login with Common Access Card (CAC) (you may have to click on “My Profile” and then login with CAC a second after this).
    • Fill in/verify your information under the “personal” tab
    • Submit.
  • Update ADPASS
  • Daily synthesis and review