ATRRS Number: 5G-FA56
• Enrollments are controlled by the Chaplain Branch
Course length: 2 weeks
Location: Chaplain School, Fort Jackson
Frequency: Approximately 2 times per year

The Operational Religious Support Leadership Course (ORSLC) focuses on broadening the field grade chaplain’s understanding of Army organizations, operations and procedures. Course content emphasizes planning, preparing, executing, and assessing training for a Brigade Combat Team (BCT). ORSLC is 2 weeks in duration, containing 3 modules, a total of 17 lessons, and 4 tasks over 75 instructional hours. The course emphasizes advanced skills and knowledge supporting the performance of critical tasks for chaplain Major staff officer responsibilities such as: supervise the command master religious program, implement Unit Ministry Team (UMT) training in the brigade, determine UMT training requirements, perform UMT functions and manage the delivery of religious support in the BCT and in the JIIM environment.


Note: All course enrollments should be processed through unit training personnel via the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS). Questions and inquiries can be directed to the US Army Institute for Religious Leadership Registrar at usarmy.jackson.usachcs.mbx.registrar@mail.mil