ATRRS Number: 5-16-C22

ATRRS Number: 5-16-C22
• Enrollments are controlled by Human Resources Command (HRC)
Course length: 20 weeks
Location: Chaplain School, Fort Jackson
Frequency: Approximately 2 times per year

The Career Courses are the first step in Professional Military Education (PME). C4 provides mid-career Chaplains with the military common core to develop their staff officer skills and Chaplain Education to develop their proficiency as Chaplains.

C4 broadens the Chaplain’s perspective to prepare him or her to serve in more complex organizational and operational environments.

The C4 educational program will provide a challenging academic environment to:

  • Improve the leadership and critical thinking competencies needed to serve at battalion or brigade levels staff.
  • Encourage accountability, a commitment to life-long learning, initiative, self-discipline, and leader development.
  • Build upon the skills, knowledge and abilities gained during previous training and operational assignments using small group instruction and outcome based exercises that involve realistic problems and engage the student’s critical thinking skills.


Note: All course enrollments should be processed through unit training personnel via the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS). Questions and inquiries can be directed to the US Army Institute for Religious Leadership Registrar at usarmy.jackson.usachcs.mbx.registrar@mail.mil