ATRRS Number: 561-56M10
• Human Relations Command (HRC) enrolls newly accessioned Soldiers
• Units enroll others, including reclassifying students
Course length: 7 weeks
Location: Chaplain School, Fort Jackson
Frequency: Approximately 16 times per year
The Religious Affairs Specialist AIT Course prepares enlisted Soldiers who have graduated from Basic Combat Training to perform or provide the religious support necessary to accomplish the Battalion level Unit Ministry Team mission in combat and in garrison.
AIT graduates are prepared for tactical operations, religious operations support, use of advanced digital systems and receiving and safeguarding Chapel Tithes and Offerings Funds. They also learn the complex interaction skills necessary to provide for the Free Exercise of Religion in a multi-faith environment.
AIT students are educated to recognize the diversity of religious experiences and practices to respect the rights of the individual.


Note: All course enrollments should be processed through unit training personnel via the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS). Questions and inquiries can be directed to the US Army Chaplain Center and School Registrar at